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Sample/Travel Pack

Sample/Travel Pack

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Want to try before you commit?  We got you!  Start with a week of Neeshi - this duo includes a single serving of our Cacao Mix-in and a TSA-safe travel size of our Dark Cacao Spread with 4 servings.

Ingredients + Benefits

See Mix-in and Dark Cacao Spread links for details.

How to Use

See Mix-in and Dark Cacao Spread links for details.

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Results in the first cycle.

With proper use, most of our customers notice reduced flow and improved symptoms in one cycle.

"Saying goodbye to #5 heavy pads. First time in my life I haven’t needed them for 2 cycles in a row!"

Say goodbye to your menstrual hardships.

Neeshi has helped women who are tired of dealing with heavy, painful periods, hot flashes or mood swings and just want to get back to living their lives.

Our treats support balancing your hormones with wholesome, natural ingredients tucked inside our scrumptious delicacies which are intended to be eaten every day.

Finally, a treat that's natural, nutritious and healing.

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