• Startup CPG Podcast

    Episode #112 - One of the backpack brand winners from Startup CPG’s Mic Drop party at Expo East: Neeshi! Neeshi makes naturally nourishing and hormone balancing treats for menstruation through menopause. The Startup CPG team loves Neeshi’s products and so did Mic Drop attendees, so I can’t wait for you to learn more.

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  • Expo East MicDrop Backpack Brand

    Breaking Barriers - we clinched the Top 3 brands at MicDrop, after winning Startup CPG's backpack brand. What's more thrilling? We stood out in a room 'half full of men' proving Neeshi is a creating a movement for women's wellness!

  • L.A. Style Magazine

    Now, her focus is on easing heavy & painful periods, and creating a space for menstrual health in the mainstream conversation.

    L.A. Style Magazine 
  • VoyageLA

    Neeshi, a woman-owned, all-natural treats company that was designed to normalize period struggles and allow women to feel better through principles of natural food healing and Ayurveda.

  • WO3

    Neeshi’s mission is to free women from the burden of their menstrual cycle because no one should have a heavy period stand in their way.

  • Shoutout LA

    We had the good fortune of connecting with Gita Vellanki and we’ve shared our conversation below.

    Shoutout LA 
  • S4 E3: Don't let the cultural "taboo" fool you

    With Lahari Rao from Down to Brown: Menstrual health is women's health and Gita Vellanki's solution for women through Neeshi

    D2B Podcast 
  • Episode 47: Fremont Podcast

    If there was a healthy, yet delicious freshly baked treat that helped you have a better period, would you try it? 

    Fremont Podcast: Neeshi 
  • Neeshi Newsletters

    Volume 2: 2022 Year in Review

    Volume 1: Nourishing and Empowering Women: pg 1, pg 2

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