• The Mayo Clinic lists hormonal imbalance as a TOP CAUSE for menstruation through peri/menopausal symptoms.

  • Many menstruators struggle with heavy periods, painful cramps, difficult PMS and and hormonal acne+.

    Peri/menopausal struggles include hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and intense cravings and more.

  • How it works...think Superfoods in the right ratios to help nourish your body.

    Our Superfoods such as flax, maca, nuts and seeds support hormonal balance naturally - without the need for medications.

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"I feel so free! My period doesn’t slow me down anymore since I don’t have to worry about leaks!"

- A. V.

"I no longer wake up in a pool of sweat - my night sweats and hot flashes are GONE. Mood is balanced and I feel amazing and energetic. Thank you Neeshi!

- M. A.