• Start here: Initial hormonal support

    Eat one Neeshi chocolate mini cake, brownie batter, mix-in or cacao muffin daily beginning at least two weeks before the start of your next cycle. Stay consistent! It may take 1-2 cycles to notice effects.

  • Add-on's: Happy period reached

    Once you notice a comfortable change in your flow and menstrual symptoms, you can begin to introduce Neeshi's other delightful products into your daily routine to maintain your happy period.

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    Order your box

    Small batches for freshness and peak quality - each product contains 7 servings (enough for a week), and you can mix and match to make your own 28 day pack (the average cycle is 28 days).

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    Eat one treat each day

    Enjoy Neeshi daily to support reduced flow, cramps, acne, mood swings, hot flashes, hair loss and other hormonal balancing benefits. Notice results in 1-2 cycles.

  • Get your life back

    Without the pain and annoyance of menstrual or menopausal struggles, you can focus on the things that matter again.

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