• The Mayo Clinic lists hormonal imbalance as a TOP CAUSE for menstrual symptoms such as heavy periods, painful cramps, difficult PMS and menopausal symptoms including hot flashes, mood swings and intense cravings.

  • How it works...think Superfoods in the right ratios to help nourish your body.

    Our Superfoods such as flax, maca, nuts and seeds support hormonal balance naturally - without the need for medications.

  • Our ingredients, published in medical literature, support hormonal balance and our recipes are optimized to address women's menstrual health concerns.

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Heavy, painful periods aren't normal

We get it. Our monthly cycles can be a real nightmare, especially on those days when your flow is just not easing up... when the pain and discomfort is so bad that you feel like crawling back into bed and sleeping for the next several days. Our products are made with wholesome, plant-based, natural everyday ingredients that not only taste amazing, but help balance you from the inside out.

"I feel so free! My period doesn’t slow me down anymore since I don’t have to worry about leaks!"

- A. V.

"I can't believe it! My period has never ended in less than 8 days before... done on day 4!"

- G. J.